MSD Oss, Netherlands

MSD operates a major plant at Oss in the Netherlands. Dornan was commissioned to work on the project to increase production capacity of the Implanon NXT and NuvaRing contraceptive products at the existing site, which involved relocating some manufacturing processes.

Janssen Vaccines, Leiden

Janssen Vaccines offer protection against some of the world’s most life-threatening infectious diseases, such as Ebola, RSV, HIV, MRSA, polio and influenza. When Janssen introduced its PER.C6®

Janssen Biologics, Leiden

Janssen’s proprietary PER.C6 human cell line technology provides a cost-effective manufacturing system for high-yield, large-scale production of vaccines and monoclonal antibodies.

Private Data Centre, Netherlands

Dornan was engaged to undertake the logistics management, installation, testing and commissioning of the full mechanical, sprinkler, electrical and telecoms packages in a 17.6MW greenfield data centre and administration block. We also carried out the complete fibre optic & copper cabling infrastructure. We initially completed a fully-coordinated BIM 3D model, allowing a seamless construction phase between all CSA and service elements within the building. This was complemented by a full offsite modular build which yielded significant cost savings.

Data Centre, Netherlands

This is a new-build development of data centres and support facilities over five phases and 160,000m². It is a major long-term project for Dornan, which is responsible for designing and installing, among other elements, air handling units, static UPS, generators, MV and LV switchgear, as well as fire detection and suppression systems.