Pembroke Power Station, Wales

Pembroke Power Station is a combined cycle gas turbine plant capable of generating over 2200MW, enough to power around four million homes. It’s one of the largest and most efficient plants of its kind in Europe. Dornan undertook the main electrical contract for the HVAC installation and five turbines.

Installation works included

  • 5 sets of IPBS, each 370m long
  • 5x step-up transformers, 515MVA each
  • 20 auxiliary transformers
  • 5 station service transformers, 34MVA each
  • Generator circuit breaker
  • MV and LV switchgear modular containerised units
  • Ladder and cable trays
  • 400KV sheathed cable and end termination support structures into the national grid switchyard
  • 2 million metres of cables for electricals, instruments, controls and CCTV
  • 5 stand-by diesel generators
  • DCS racks
  • Acoustic enclosure equipment
  • DC battery rack systems
  • Earthing cabling and termination
  • 25,000 signal loop checks
  • HVAC installation