GSK Bottling Plant, Gloucestershire

They’ve been making Ribena and Lucozade at Coleford in Gloucestershire since 1946. In 2008, GSK decided to start making its own bottles at the site.

Project highlights – mechanical

  • HVAC air handling units and associated ducting systems
  • Installation of steam and condensate pipework
  • Installation of CHW and condenser pipework for adsorption chillers to hybrid cooling towers
  • Installation of LPHW pipework from a steam-to-LPHW heat exchanger
  • Building Management System and instrumentation
  • Air & waterside commissioning of the above systems
  • Commissioning and controlled handover of the systems in a phased manner as production equipment is installed and brought on line

Project highlights – electrical

  • Main LV Boards
  • Mains cables from the HT transformers to the LV Boards
  • Sub distribution boards and all cabling from LV Boards
  • All power cabling to HVAC Plant
  • All small power
  • LV power to moulding plant
  • Data cabling and data installation
  • Fire alarm and interface with existing factory alarm, HVAC controls and moulding machines and conveyor systems
  • Earthing and lightning protection installation
  • Security system