Fitzroy Place, London

Built on the site on the old Middlesex Hospital, Fitzroy Place is one of London’s most prestigious mixed-use developments, with offices, shops and a restaurant around a landscaped square. Dornan completed the mechanical and electrical work on the project to the very high standards of the developers.

Electrical scope included

  • 3 MV switch rooms
  • CHP plant
  • 1000kVa life safety generator
  • LV distribution
  • Central services
  • Lighting control system

Mechanical scope included

  • 6x chillers
  • 6x adiabatic dry coolers
  • 3x boiler plantrooms
  • 30 air-handling units
  • Fan coil units
  • Ductwork installation
  • Air systems
  • HIUs for 289 apartments
  • CIUs for 235 apartments
  • Condenser and chilled water pipework pre-fabricated offsite
  • 12 cold water storage tanks