EMC, Cork

Following an energy utilisation feasibility report, EMC decided to undertake a full retrofit project to implement energy saving technologies at its information technology and data centre site in Ballincollig, County Cork, using free cooling technology systems. It has achieved annual electricity savings of 13 million KWh and an annual carbon emission reduction of 7,000 tonnes. Dornan’s role involved decommissioning the existing chillers and installing the new plant, pumps and pipework.

Scope of work

  • Removal and decommissioning of the existing chillers
  • Installation of 3x 1390KW Trane air-cooled chillers and associated pumps and pipework
  • Variable frequency drive pumps, cooling coils, valves and actuators
  • Dornan also serviced and set to work the current phase 4 chillers at 0ºC and 6ºC