Data Centre, Leicester

This major project for a private client in Leicester consists of two identical data centres to Tier 4 standard and LEEF Gold standards. Each building has four levels: the two subterranean levels contain the IT equipment, while the upper two levels house the electrical and mechanical infrastructure. Dornan conducted a PUE (power usage effectiveness) study which found that, with careful selection of server components, the facilities can operate in free cooling mode for around 95% of the year.

Scope of electrical works

  • Installation and commissioning of MV power supply and LV distribution
  • Extensive busbar network, lighting, small power and Scada/EMS systems
  • EMS with full load and alarm monitoring of all metered panels, over 1000 MCCBs and 750 data hall tap-offs
  • All primary containment for MV cabling, LV cabling, fire alarm, IT/data cabling, lighting and small power EMS/BMS, Scada and fibre optics

Scope of mechanical works

  • Chilled water system
  • Ventilation system with supply and extract ductwork
  • Computer room air conditioning (CRAC) units and packaged air-cooled chillers
  • Condensate drainage pipework services
  • Frost protection and trace heating services to pipework
  • Water and refrigerant leak detection systems
  • Noise and vibration control to all mechanical and public health services
  • Integrated systems testing (IST) under the direction of a professional commissioning manager
  • Fire suppression systems and domestic services