Our Values

At Dornan our values are what we feel strongly about. We value what is important to us and our clients and believe our values will make us better as a company.

One of the main pillars of Value-Based Management states that by influencing an individual's value, and by creating a common shared set of values, it is possible to improve the outcome of production. The ethos in Dornan is to guide with reason, respect, empathy and compassion, under the values of pride, integrity, dependability, safety & quality; as these are what our people will strive to value and pass onto others within the company.

Our values are defined as:

  • PRIDE- It's important that all members of the Dornan family have a feeling of honour and self-respect; a sense of personal worth and importance within the company. Pride to Dornan is a feeling of pleasure from one's own achievements and the achievements of those to whom we provide our services.
  • INTEGRITY- Integrity in the workplace is very important to Dornan. The way our company conducts its business with our clients and how our employees represent the company is imperative to everything we stand for. We continue to take specific actions to ensure the values of integrity in the workplace remains paramount.
  • DEPENDABILITY- We see dependability as a value showing the reliability of our company and the people we employ. We have developed our own in-house project and construction management system to ensure we execute projects on time, in budget and at the highest standards. Our in-house planning and procurement systems ensure dependability of schedule and cost.
  • SAFETY- The concept of safety as a value can simply be viewed as an ethic that guides the way we view safety and safety-related behaviour. Dornan places many safety efforts focused on developing rules and procedures; providing safety inspections and developing themed campaigns. At Dornan we don't just rely on our line managers to ensure compliance, we involve our entire workforce so "Zero Incidents" can be achieved. Our safety records are testament to this.
  • QUALITY- At Dornan our values to Quality means "we finish as we go", no rework because of poor engineering, no rework due to unskilled labour, no rework due to cheap materials. The value of Quality in Dornan is everything. Our certification and awards help us to achieve our goal.

 For recruitment opportunities, please visit our vacancies page to submit an application. Or alternatively, you can contact: recruitment@dornangroup.com